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CashBack for Buying Items on the Internet
by D. L. Crane


Cashback SignUp Instructions.


1. Click on this link to sign up at ebates.com and register with the same email address as your Paypal account:  http://www.ebates.com/


2. Now you should also be aware of the eBay Bucks to earn even more cash back to your account for future eBay purchases.
Check now to see if you are eligible.

eBay Bucks is a rewards program that lets you earn eBay Bucks on qualifying purchases. You can redeem them when you make future eBay purchases—and continue earning while using your eBay Bucks certificate. There's no cost for signing up or for using eBay Bucks.

Just go to this link for the explanation:  http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/ebay-bucks.html

3. Get cash back and coupons from over 2500 retailers thru FatWallet.com. Just go to this link for the explanation and signup:  http://www.fatwallet.com/join.php


4. There is also ShopAtHome.com/ for more Cash Back and coupon Deals. Just go to this link for the explanation and signup: https://secure.shopathome.com/join.aspx?


5. Another site to get Cash Back and more at is Spree,  Your CashBack Connection. Just go to this link for the explanation and signup: http://www.spree.com/resources/sign_up/register1.asp?


This is a great way to save when shopping on eBay or at many Online Websites.


Takes a little bit of time when signing up but its 100% worth it and only takes seconds on future purchases.


Remember it can be used for Online shopping to get cashback and rebates such as eBay, Sears, TigerDirect, CompUSA, Circuit City and many, many more............


Buy Online Gift Cards at: http://egiftcard.tv/


Plus Go to http://www.eBuyZilla.com/ for even more Rebates, Coupons and Bonus Deals Daily!


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